About us

Welcome to I AIM HIGHER
I Aim Higher, a consulting, talent management and acquisition company was founded in the year 2010. 
The idea was to help youth choose their career path by realising their strengths and then working around them
to create a fulfilling journey.
I Aim Higher designs programs as per the need in any business. Be it the top management in a
multi national company, a small business enterprise or a solo business owner, we can mold you
and your business into a successful organisation aligning our programs with your vision and
spear heading it towards your goals.
We strategize and create workshops and sessions for your employees by first understanding the
gaps and then devising and curating programs that enable them to imbibe the culture and
values of the organisation thus creating a fulfilling work environment.

We also provide support to our clients by organizing talks and seminars for the workforce that
provide a source of constant motivation and assist them in remaining focused thus maintaining
their increased productivity.

We assist our clients with their recruitment process by recommending trained and hand picked
applicants to help the organisation benefit from the absorption of new team members.
Why Choose Us
I Aim Higher focuses on long term association with your organisation. Our strategies
and programs are based on the age old wisdom and philosophy that helps businesses achieve new heights
through constant support and methodologies.

We work purely on values and business ethics, thus delivering the highest possible standards of intellectual
and professional expertise. Our strategies and and programs are designed towards a “Win-Win’ for all; the business
owner, the employees and us.
The backbone of our organisation. Come what may. We will be true to ourselves and our customers.

Our every step, every action is our responsibility and we shall strive to deliver our best.
We are committed towards a code of self discipline that reflects in our daily tasks to stay
motivated and deliver our best.

Our constant hunger of delivering the best in class products and service keeps us committed towards innovating the best.

Team Work
We believe in going far. Our team-work is the energy behind conquering the peaks of success.
Customer First
We design products and services with the sole purpose of benefiting our customers. We put
customers first in every business proposition